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From People of Tomorrow to Forever

Updated: May 14, 2019

For those familiar with the Tomorrow Land and Tomorrow World festivals, you know that 2015 was the final Tomorrow World held in the U.S. The festival closed on Sunday, the last day of the festival, due to Saturday's heavy rains. However, there were still an impressive 140,000 people within the grounds.

With all the loud chaos and clutter - I met Punit. In the following weeks of conversation, we realized how much we had in common - and more importantly, how much fun we were together.

Skype calls on vacation became impulse, budget flights to drink margaritas, which became road trips with friends. And all this became a lot of time spent together...

On one trip, we spent nearly 60 hours in the car together. We drove, well, more specifically, he drove from Atlanta to Chicago, Chicago to Northern Maine, and from Northern Maine back to Chicago.

Come mid-2016, it was clear that we were inseparable.

New York seemed to be the final stop. I used to tease Punit that he got everything he wanted...jazz...Manhattan...and me.

But life's funny. And immigration under the new U.S. administration began incredibly complicated. 2017 featured too many hoops to jump through, so instead we decided to jump ship. This time - India.

We've been together in Delhi NCR, India now for over a year and half now. We're currently on our 3rd apartment and 5th city together.

It's been a wild ride full of travel, culture shock, personal learnings, adventures, and big laughs. We've traveled a lot and even planned our destination wedding in under 3 months, while both working for launching companies.

There a massive gaps between Punit and I.There's an age gap between Punit and I of precisely 15 years. And there's a massive cultural gap; America and India are other ends of the world. We might confuse some people, or even downright upset others - but it's okay.

We might not be the couple people swoon over. We might not receive 'what a cute couple!' swoons. But we fight like hell for each other. And that's enough for us. We'll be The Uncute Couple - living out of boxes, traveling more than we're at wherever we call 'home', and accepting whatever comes along our path.

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